Model school in Stavropol. MODEL AGENCY A.S.MODELS

Do you dream to become a model, but do not know where to start? Model school in Stavropol «AS Models» will help to realize your dream - to become a professional model with the possibility of working abroad! Our year-round school is gaining girls in Stavropol and Stavropol Territory.


Our modeling agency offers its services to all interested in Stavropol, at the age from 14 years. You will know all that is required to know the real model just in a few weeks of hard and highly qualified work. The knowledge obtained in our model agency are applicable in professional work and in everyday life. Regular casting of models are held.


Each model must have the qualities of a decent lady. To study all the intricacies of the model art, to have knowledge in foreign languages. Subjects that our model will study : the English language, psychology, make-up, yoga, defile, image making, photo posing , food culture.


The main goal of our model school is - to teach future model to be elegant and virtuosic lady. To develop the personality of a girl to raise leadership qualities and the ability to behave in society. Learning proper gait, correct posture, ability to correctly combine clothes and present yourself properly. The aesthetic development of the individual, the knowledge of a foreign language. Necessarily, a healthy diet and proper behavior on the set.


During the studying of the subjects in our model school , the model will have all the necessary knowledge to adequately perform at all the fashion shows. We will teach models the techniques of seven different gaits and give them the full range, consisting of thirty-movements on the podium. Also girls will learn to participate in mass, staging and theater outlets on the podium. At the end of the course the girls will learn to understand the intricacies of the model art, will be able to adapt to any fashion market in any country of the world. There also will be master classes with an invitation of other models for the exchange of experience and new knowledge. In our school there is a podium corresponding to the standards of the fashion world. Stylish and spacious room will serve models as a good tool for honing their skills.